Selecting the right section for your new residence is mission critical to reaching your building goals.  And so is choosing the best builder on the East Coast or Gisborne (for you).

Why? Because as a client of Build7, you get a design and build service, site (section) advice and the builder all in one. It’s a way to not only save money, but to give you peace of mind in the process.

As part of the Build7 contract you not only get a project manager, but that person is the builder!

The cheapest bid might end up as the most expensive one. A practice among some builders is to offer very low prices to get the deal.  They then expect to increase their profit during construction with “unexpected variations” that lead to plan changes.  This can subsequently mean more work and more money. This does not happen when you deal with Jamie Babbington (the owner) and his team.

Build7 can give you contact details of past or current clients.  They can who can testify to the trustworthiness and reliability of the team for your peace of mind.

The best builder on the East Coast? You decide

OK, so saying that Jamie is the best builder in Gisborne for you is subjective.  We know, that’s why you should talk to him yourself.  It’s not just about the builder, it’s also about insurance… Protection for you also comes in the form of a 10 Year Homefirst Builders Guarantee which has a range of measures in place to underwrite a number of areas should things not go as planned.

best builder east coast new zealand gisborneThere are systems in place at Build7 that have been developed nationally. The aim of these systems is to ensure that your build happens the way it should, and with minimal delay. These systems also mean that your project can get underway without delay.

Signing a building contract with a builder only to have the project start months down the track (because of their workload) is not ideal. At Build7, they manage their internal resources and systems to minimise this.

The systems go as far as ensuring that the custom house plans and designs that are created for your new home are done quickly. Sometimes its a matter of days! And remember, these are plans that are designed for you and that will suit your new section (if you have one).

The best builder on the East Coast is right here, and you are reading this on their website 🙂 Get in touch with Jamie (the buck stops with him) and his team right now. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know where to start, or if you have a clear idea of what you want. He’ll help you understand the process.  And he’ll probably tell you the answers to some questions that you never even thought of asking.

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