When looking to buy or build a new home in Gisborne, it can be difficult to decide which option to choose. More people are deciding to go with the option of build. This allows them many options to create something rather than buying someone else’s dream.

Stay true to your dream

When buying an existing home, you might be able to get quite a few of the things you were planning for your dream home. But, it is not likely that you’ll get everything you envisioned. Not being able to fulfill all your requirements may become a problem later on or mean costly upgrades to meet your needs.

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If you imagine something quite specific for the home of your dreams, building a brand new home might be the better option for you. Older homes often don’t incorporate the latest technology or energy saving that you would want.


One of the benefits when you new home in Gisborne from scratch is that most of your costs are worked out from the start. So you know what your custom built home is going to cost you to complete and you can budget for the extras. When buying an established home, this can be much harder. Carpets, tiling, painting, appliances  and the like can add a big sum to your purchase.

Major upgrades such as room and fitting changes can be very costly in addition to unexpected maintenance. There could be hidden issues with plumbing, lighting and electrical aspects that may need to be repaired or replaced. Opting for a new build is often cheaper as all the latest energy saving ideas and equipment are implemented from the start.

The finer details

Older homes often have hidden faults or serious maintenance requirements that might not be apparent on first purchase. Gutters might need to be replaced, wood may be rotting, and old stains could be there forever. When you build your own home, everything is new. So you can have confidence there are no little problems that can become bigger later on.

Build a new home in Gisborne with us

At Build7, we create new homes that are comfortable and efficient. You can have total control over the design too, so it will be exactly what you want. We’re the Gisborne builders that know how to bring your vision to life. So get in touch in today, and we can talk about the best way forward.

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