There are many reasons why new home builders might want to build a small house. It’s a trend that’s popular in New Zealand – and Gisborne and the East Coast is no exception. Materials are increasing in price as are the associated labour costs. Smaller budgets, simplification of living styles or more sustainable living. These are some of the reasons that people are choosing homes with a smaller floor plan.

A smaller floor area does not need to mean cramped spaces or uncomfortable living. Making efficient use of space is an effective way of reducing the size of the space. And it doesn’t reduce the functionality. Less of the budget spent on building, means more can go into the fixtures and fittings to ensure a compact, neat and purpose built home.

build a small house gisborneAllow some budget for features that double as alternative furniture. Store or pack away or hidden entrances to en suites. Other space saving ideas can go a long way to making your smaller floor plan home appear a lot larger than what it appears to be on paper.

To maximise space here are some ideas. Use multi rooms. Build doors to open into outside spaces. Build higher ceilings. Use larger windows and maximise outside views. All of these ideas can ensure that a small floor plan home appears a lot larger. The goal is no feeling of restricted living within the home.

Considerations to build a small house

Not everyone needs a ton of storage space for all their furniture or huge entertainment areas that may never be used. Building big rooms to house your furniture that are not likely to be used regularly by the family do not make sense on a restricted budget.

You can have large open plan areas bringing the kitchen and dining area together. Or a TV room and play area, separated only by furniture or alcoves to negate the need for extra internal walls. You can even open up the entire living area.  This means that the living room, dining area, kitchen space and other areas are all part of one big space. And an apparently seamless flow from one area to another can be achieved.

Home offices can become guest bedrooms and children’s rooms can allow for activity and play areas for instance. Rooms that are not being used are wasted space in a minimal sized home. When you combine purposes of rooms you ensure their functionality and use on a daily basis.

Bathroom design in a small house

Another area to look at is reducing how many bathrooms you build into your home. Plumbing fittings are an extra cost that might reduce the spending on another area. Determine the minimum amount of bathrooms needed. Think about the daily activities of home, including if you guests staying over. Having a family bath with a separate toilet as well as a personal en suite is generally enough for most families. Guests are not made uncomfortable by using a multipurpose bathroom while someone needs to use the toilet facilities.

Look at opening rooms to the outside, onto decks, veranda areas, and enclosed porches. Opening into gardens can add to the open feel of your home and making the floor area appear that much larger. Making use of covered external areas also means that you can use these areas even in inclement weather. Covered outdoor areas also make your entire home appear larger from the outside.

If you are looking to build a small house in the Gisborne area, then let Build7 help you. We are builders in Gisborne with the experience and expertise to provide you with compact floor plans and great value houses. New house and land listings are always coming on the market, so get in touch now.

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