If you are thinking you might build a new house in Gisborne, then read this.   So you’ve finally decided that you’re done with paying rent and want to move into the house of your dreams. The big question for you right now then is should I buy or should I build the house of my dreams?

I’m sure many people battle with this question every time such a topic comes up. It is a bit confusing to choose between the two, but I’ll take you through some of the advantages of building instead of buying to help you clear your mind.

Our clients tell us that the very first reason they have chosen to build a new house in Gisborne – or anywhere on the East Coast really – is control. We all love control. When you decide to build, you get the rare chance of being there throughout the entire construction process.

Build a new house in Gisborne = personalisation

Everything is personalised to your liking and style. You get to choose your own preferred design and what you want put in your dream home.

It is nearly impossible to find a house that provides everything you want and is decorated exactly as you would like it to be.

build a new house in gisborne nz free offerEverything you actually visualised about your dream home comes to life as you build a house from scratch. This type of convenience can’t be acquired when you buy an already made up home. You have to live with what you get.

Building a home lets you explore your creativity, of course with the help of an architect. Everything you get is customised exactly to your liking. The kitchen of your dreams.  The bathrooms, the living room even the gazebo you’ve always visualised, everything is constructed to suit you. You can actually see your dream come into reality when you decide to build instead of buying.

This brings me to my next point, building means you don’t need any renovations. Why? Because the house is exactly how you wanted it. If you were to buy an already built house, can you imagine the amount of renovating you’d need to ensure everything suits your interest?

Building a home relieves you of the stress of adding features which you really want.  This is because they’re already in the house that you’ve supervised built.

Also, the amount of maintenance is cut down significantly when you build. Think about the amount of maintenance work you’d have to do if you were to buy an old house. In fact, the older the house, the more the maintenance work you’d have to do because it is worn out.


But if you were to build a new house in Gisborne, you wouldn’t have to do any maintenance works for quite some time. This is because everything in the new house is actually new!

Your dream home is just that, the home of your dreams. When you build your own house, you’re assured of everything you ever wanted in your home.

A big advantage of building a new home is that there’s no competition in buying it. Imagine if the house you wanted to buy has to go through an auction process.  You wouldn’t even know the amount of money you’d have to use to get the house until the auction is complete. This means you may end up spending more money depending on the bids.

So as you decide on whether to build or buy, think about the convenience, the creativity and the time saved when you choose building instead of buying!  Go ahead and talk to us at Build7 Gisborne.  Find out why we’re building a reputation for being  the local Gisborne builders you can trust.

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