So you’ve decided to move house.  Most East Coast people don’t consider using a Gisborne builder.  In fact building a new home doesn’t even cross their mind. And that’s understandable because there are a lot a decisions to be made.  Some are big and some are small.  There’s the section location, size, budget, location and house features just to name a few.

The advantages of using Build7 as your local builder are significant.  For a start you get total control over what the home will look like and how it is appointed.  The design is yours too.  And often, mortgage finance is less of a challenge for people purchasing a new home.

Gisborne builder NZ There are many benefits to building over buying a second-hand home. Better design, more control over the fixtures and fittings, and it can actually be easier to get a mortgage for a new build. When you actually do the maths, renovations and maintenance on an existing home can me costly.  That’s money that you can save with a new build.

Innovation in features in a modern home is happening all the time.  Having your local builder and designer incorporate those new features into your house plans is easy.  Having a customised house is a massive advantage to building a new home.

Totally integrated Gisborne builder

Working with a trusted Gisborne builder like Build7 will give you plenty of options and alternatives.  It doesn’t matter what your budget or circumstance are.  Part of our appeal is our free design service and fast service.  This means your house can be built based on personalised, architect-designed house plans – that you have been involved in from the start.

You get personal access to our designers, architects and interior design team when you work with Build7.

For some of our clients, the challenge for them is not the design.  Instead it is securing the best land or section for sale in the right location.  And that’s where Build7 can help.  We are more than a building company.  We are specialists in house & land packages and can secure land and negotiate with developers and real estate agents on your behalf.

Our reputation as a trusted local Gisborne builders is based on our Safe Hands Guarantee.  This means you get peace of mind to know that your investment is protected.  Plus you get the home you want, at a high quality, for the money you paid.

Yes, you can choose other builders in Gisborne who say similar things, but before you talk to other, have a chat with us.  We’ll explain how our expertise and systems backed up by a New Zealand wide brand and systems.  This means savings in time and money.