If you’re from the  East Coast area and looking for the best Gisborne builder to help you design and custom build your next home, then buckle up because we’ve got good news for you.

When it comes to designing a new home or working through the design process with an architect, the process can be daunting for a lot of people. Apart from the normal stresses of the finances and just the plain fact of the unknown, in a lot of cases people may simply give up on the idea.

One of the biggest pleasures of the new home process can also be one of the most worrying – especially for those Gisborne residents or soon to be residents who have not built a new home before.

gisborne-builders-design-serviceThere are a few reasons for this and a few challenges that most people usually face if they are new to the construction process. First, is the idea that you need to talk to an architect first… and spend money on plans before doing anything.

While this IS an option, most clients don’t know they can save that money (often tens of thousands of dollars) by doing this with us without any extra cost.

The other option, is to pay money up-front to other Gisborne builders who insist on a fee (often thousands) – even while you are still researching and looking.

Gisborne Builder with a new approach

At Build7, our approach is different. Yes, our design service is state of the art. Yes, your design will be architectural and unique to you and the land or section it will be built on, and yes, it will not cost you any money upfront.

Why do we do this? We’re so confident in the systems we use and the processes we have set up that we’re able to offer his because it it is simply a huge benefit for our clients.

Here’s how it works: Talk to us. It doesn’t matter how far down the process you are – even if you are just considering living in Gisborne or anywhere from Mahia to the East Cape, we can help. We’ll explain what’s involved and give you expert advice on things you didn’t realise you need to consider.

We even provide assistance (at no cost) and expertise to help you find a section that will suit your family and your lifestyle. Don’t make the mistake that many regret of settling on a section or house and land package without first talking to Build7, the Gisborne building company who can match your perfect home to the section you need – at the right price.

Get in touch now for a free consultation with a Gisborne builder you can trust.

Jamie Babbington
Owner, Build7 Gisborne Builder