Talking to a Gisborne building company like Build7 before committing to a site is smart.  It could potentially save you thousands on your building project. Don’t worry, if you have already selected your section or land, we can still make your site work for your build.

One major difference Build7 offers is we design the floor plan after the site has been selected. This means your home is built to fit the section and there are no large fees or surprise changes after the fact.

Site selection is an important step that has a large impact on the build process for your home. How do you ensure the perfect match? How do you know which site is best? You may not know what to look for, which is why we are there to help. Aside from aesthetics, we will help you evaluate the slope, utilities options, and soil conditions to name a few.

This may sound overwhelming, but remember our experts will be there to guide you through it. Our job is to help you understand the whole process.

Our team will meet you on site to ensure that you are aware of any extra building costs due to your section choice. Talk to Build7 before buying your section in Gisborne or the east coast. We have established a range of great, trusting relationships with real estate agents and land and section developers.

This allows us to negotiate the very best prices and terms for you. Our experienced team will help make sure that your site is in keeping with the designs of your new home. We have a full range of existing house plans, or we can customise a plan for you.

Whether those designs be focused on having a green, environmentally friendly home, finding the perfect view, energy conservation, or having a garden to suit you.

This Gisborne building company is different

We want to help find the perfect fit for you and your family. Once you have the site selected we will work to make sure that your new home will look great on your new section.

We are different because we can use our contacts and expertise to help you find the section – and it costs you nothing more.  Are you in the city or down in Mahia?  It doesn’t matter to us.

This includes things you may not have considered, like the aesthetic, physical and environmental features of the property. What about the view you will be getting from each

Many real estate agents will tell you that a good home is all about location, location, location. There is always great land for sale in Gisborne, but it is important that your prospective property is located in a convenient place for your needs.

If you want to find yourself in the quiet countryside, in an urban setting, near a school or in walking distance from the local shops, we will help you get there.

If you are planning on living in this home for a long period of time it may also pay to talk to your neighbours and discover what they are planning on doing with their sections. Get to know the property as well as the general area.

Your perfect Gisborne building company is only a click away.  Contact us today for a talk about what your perfect home looks like.