If you are a future Gisborne house and land buyer, then read on to learn about how Build7 can help.

With house and land options, you get to plan two important elements of your new home at the same time.

Firstly, there’s the ownership of your own custom-built home.  Secondly, there’s the section of land at a reduced price. Combined, it can mean real dollar savings for you.

gisborne house and land offerWhen designing your own house, you can create the perfect interior and exterior atmosphere.  How? By personalising your land along with proper placement of windows and doors. For example, you can bring nature to your doorstep by building a flower garden and stream to attract birds and wildlife.

We can help you secure the perfect site.  You’ll achieve the home environment that you’ve always wanted. Then along with your input and oversight, we can begin creating the blueprint for your new dream home.

A Great Investment

If you are looking to make a property investment, you want to choose a company that has the experience to build a house that attracts the most attention. This way, you can be sure that it pays off if you choose to rent or re-sell.

Whether you want to build the house as your own family home or as an investment, at Build7 Gisborne we can assure that you will be getting great value for money. We have a team of highly experienced designers and builders that will help build you a home that lasts.

Save Money with Gisborne House and Land Deals

Our listings are continuously updated with new house & land options at the absolute best prices. We also offer free design services for full customisation of your new home to help you save even more money.

If there is a different section that you’re interested in, we can help negotiate on your behalf with the real estate agents to help lower the cost.  This makes the entire home building process easier. Also, at no cost, we can help you find the perfect site and offer advice on important factors like slope elevation and soil stability.

Perfect Timing

There couldn’t be a better time for you to build your home in Gisborne. As newly built home and land sections will continue to rise in popularity, so will their overall cost.

Talk to Jamie Baggington, the owner, right now and learn about our free house design service.

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