When you decide on a new home, the Gisborne house builders that you choose can make a big difference. Choosing a house and land package can save you money. But, to make sure that it really pays off, there are some important questions to ask your building company.

By asking the right things, you’ll be able to make sure that they’ll deliver according to your expectations.

1. Who makes all the decisions?

Companies that are organised will have a specific person for each job. Having a proper structure is important. It will help to make sure things are completed properly and on time. Also, it means that you have a person to contact at any time throughout the project. This way, if any issues do occur, they can be resolved quickly.

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2. What’s the time frame?

Your chosen building company should be open with their schedule. They should let you know the planned completion dates of every stage of the build, as well as the very end. Setting this as a requirement will help make that you choose a trustworthy company. It also means that you’re easily able to monitor progress.

3. Is there security?

Without proper security measures in place during construction, there are issues that are much more likely to occur. Vandalism and theft need to be avoided. So, always make sure the company you work with can show you the precautions they will take.

Another reason that security is so important is damage. Even the weather can be responsible for this, slowing down progress and costing more money. So be sure to ask your builder how they will avoid any damage if bad weather does occur.

4. Communication from your Gisborne house builders

Keeping in touch with your builder is at the heart of your project’s success. You need to decide on a method that suits both of you. This will avoid any confusion and missed emails or phone calls. Some decisions need to be made quickly, with your approval. So, a clear communication standard is vital.

At Build7, we’re Gisborne house builders with proven systems to make sure that your project runs smoothly. Learn more about us here, or take a look at our East Coast house and land packages.

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