House and land deals and packages are a mixture of two things.  The security of ownership of a section, combined with the options and flexibility of planning and designing your own floor plan and home.

It’s more than just designing a house. It’s also how the house relates to your new environment.  The placement of windows, their height and features and relationship with the view and aspect is an example. There are many land packages available and deals on sections for sale in Gisborne and all around the East Coast. And there is help available to find what fits for you.

Financial benefits

house-and-land-deals-gisborneFor property investors who want to rent a home to good tenants, a new house is a very sensible option. It makes sense financially.  You’ll be able to attract more people to your rental. You’ll be able in most cases to attract a higher rental fee.

Having a new house that has been built to last is an appealing proposition for tenants.  Maintenance issues are also minimised by combining land and design into your thinking when purchasing a rental property.

Gisborne house and land deals on offer

Most clients that come to Build7 in Gisborne interested in a package deal. Even if you aren’t planning to rent your new property, a house & land package deal plan to live in the home and not rent it.  Even so, this type of ownership is still great value.Be sure to take a look at our current listings.

There are financial tax benefits and financial advantages that we can discuss with you.  We’ll also be able to explain any regulations or relevant laws that related to your new development. It’s not only the Gisborne area, we have a presence across New Zealand.

Good timing

Purpose-built homes designed for you and your lifestyle are popular across NZ and house and land deals in Gisborne are no exception. Getting what you want, even on a modest budget is achievable in most places across the country.

Build7 has a comprehensive builders guarantee. This ensures that not only will your new house built by a local builder looks good, but that it stands the test of time and gives you peace of mind.

House and land packages in Gisborne  are always coming available – not just in the city areas, but also the rural region all around our district. Go ahead and talk to us whether you want to buy a section in Gisborne, or buy land out of town. Maybe you are looking for a local builder, or maybe you see the benefits of the house and land packages that we offer.

You’re in charge of the process either way and we welcome your enquiry or questions – totally without any obligation.