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Researching house plans is a great way to start the house building process in the Gisborne region. Over the years we’ve created a wide range of house designs of every type, and you can click here to view them all.

We’ve even added an ‘Affordable House Plans‘ range for clients who are looking for something modern and good quality, but don’t want to pay the earth. Remember, our plans are only the starting point. Some clients build from our plans ‘as is’, but many also customise them to create the perfect design for you.

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Looking to Build an Affordable Home?

Our Affordable House Plan range has been especially developed so you can own an economically priced home without compromising on style or quality


Gisborne House Plans FAQ’s

Yes, you can change any design in our Gisborne house plans library. While some of our clients will love the design of a plan, some will use it as a base plan then customise it to suit their situation and/or section dimensions.

We offer a full architectural design service so it’s super easy to make any changes. If you have a section already, talk to us and we can help you match a house plan you like to your site. Any questions, please get in touch.

Once you find a house plan you like, go ahead and give us a call or email Build7 Gisborne. We’ll give you a hand with any questions or issues including helping you to find a section, or if you have a section we can check it over to ensure your plan fits the site.

You bet! We have developed a range of Affordable House Plans that will help keep the price down on the overall project when you build your house with Build7. But don’t worry, you won’t be compromising on style or quality. In fact we use the same stick of timber for all or house plans in our affordable range as we do in our customised Design and Build homes.

Our prices to build your Gisborne House Plan will depend on a few factors such as your location in the Gisborne region, the size of the home and the current situation with your section.  If you don’t have a section we have a free section finding service, but the best way to have your build priced correctly is to get get in touch.

We promise to be open and honest and give you different options that you can consider. We are committed to giving you a price that is very competitive.

The house plans we have are a convenient starting point if you want to build from scratch (Design and Build). But if you want to start with a clean sheet of paper we are set up to combine your ideas with our design experts to create the perfect home that you’ll love.

Get in touch to learn more about the process, even if you are still in research mode.

When you deal with me (Jamie Babbington), you’ll be dealing with the local owner and the builder, not a salesperson. I’ll give you honest and expert help without any pressure. My clients like the way I help them with their goals and give them different options. You can read some reviews here.

Build7 Gisborne is backed up by a nationwide network of New Zealand builders so although we’re locally owned Gisborne builders, we’re plugged in to the best systems and suppliers which means efficiency and savings for you.