Starting a Gisborne new home build project from the ground up can be exciting and frightening. The costs can appear to escalate quite fast. So, in order to stay within budget, you can look at some simple cost cutting tips.

Keeping it simple is key

You don’t always need to have the latest craze in decorations and fittings in your home. Looking at what is most needed by the family works out much more cost effective. It’s obvious that the smaller the house, the less the cost to build. Building up as opposed to out will reduce foundation and roofing costs while keeping the square meter age.

Cut back on added extras if you need to stay within a strict budget. Simple designs are cheaper and quicker to build. If you put time into planning, it’s still possible to make your Gisborne new home build sophisticated and stylish. A simpler design also means that if you choose to sell at a later stage, you may end up with more buyers interested in the property. Sometimes, over-designed houses can seem to busy.

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Low-maintenance keeps costs down

Make sure you choose the best quality building materials you can when you build your home. This may cost more initially but it will result in savings later. You will not have to replace or repair as soon or as often than you would with using poor quality materials.

Sustainable Gisborne new home build

Sustainable materials will help you save in energy costs. Make sure you choose materials suitable for the climate and your situation on the site. The most important thing is insulation – this will save you a lot in the long run. Facing your home the correct way along with double glazing and skylights allows you to take advantage of natural light and warmth. You can make your home energy efficient right from the design phase.

Choose a good builder

When choosing a builder, the cheapest quote is not necessarily the best. A builder offering cut rate prices might cost you a lot more in the long run. Go for a builder who is experienced and skilled with a good reputation. Check on the materials being used and what’s included in the building contract. This makes sure you don’t end up with any unexpected bills later on.

At Build7 Gisborne, we can create your dream home within your budget. You might have already seen our Gisborne house and land listings, or you might want to go for a custom designed home. Either way, we can help. We are experienced Gisborne builders, so get in touch today.

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