I’ll assess your Gisborne section for free. Are you thinking of building in Gisborne or on the East Coast and have already bought a section? Maybe you haven’t purchased yet or are still searching for land?  If that’s the case then here’s your perfect opportunity to get an expert in to do an assessment for you, at no charge – before you commit to spending more money.

When it comes to the suitability of land in the Gisborne region (and on your Gisborne section specifically), there are some things that need to be considered. It can be tricky sometimes – and expensive if you don’t get it right.

Jamie, Beau Te Aomihia
and Carolyn

This free assessment doesn’t take long – it’s only cursory. But it will point you in the right direction and as to your next steps and I’ll let you know any costs you may be up for.

If you’ve already bought a site or are about to, then now’s the time to get me involved to run you through our checklist. I can visit the site, do some research and come back to you quickly with a list of things that might need to be done, along with an assessment.

Why do I do this? I have found that the best way for us to earn the trust of people wanting to build in the Gisborne region is by getting out there and offering as much value as I can to get positive word of mouth. Sure, there’s a chance that you may not end up building with Build7. But that’s OK with me. Our goal is simply to get out and about and help as many people like you as possible.

Get your site checked early

You probably already know that the East Coast region of New Zealand is, geologically speaking, very variable. There are true stories about people I know who have rushed in to buying a section, only to end up blowing their budget because of the extra work to be done just to get it to a standard where a house can be built.

It’s a case of ‘caveat emptor’ or buyer beware – for sure. That’s why if you’re looking a a particular section, it’s a good idea (if you can) to have someone like me check it out for you first BEFORE you buy. If that’s not possible, that’s OK too – you’ll still need to know if there are any pitfalls. Remember, the problems usually can’t be seen because they are underground.

Because I already know a lot about the suitablity of a lot of Gisborne locations already, you may find that I’m already familiar with your section – and it’s suitability for building.

Some of the things we look at and advise on are:

  • Geotechnical analysis of the ground
  • Engineering requirements
  • Any issues or anomalies
  • Provision of services (power, internet etc)
  • Suitability of your house design for the section
  • Estimate of costs (if any) to prepare the site for building.

If you haven’t heard about Build7, you can read some reviews and we have video testimonials on this site too. Not all builders in Gisborne are the same, let me show you why.

Thank you

Jamie Babbington
Owner Build7 Gisborne
Call or txt me on +64 21 191 8443

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