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There’s a good chance that you’ve googled ‘ house and land packages Gisborne ‘ or ‘ land for sale Gisborne ‘ and arrived at our website.  If that is true, then read on because whatever stage of the new house building process you’re at, we can help.  In most cases we can save you time and money in the process.


So, where are you at with your ‘house and land package’ journey?  Are you looking for sections?  Maybe you live in NZ but outside of the Gisborne area? Do you already have a site?  Do you have house plans and need a Gisborne builder and the perfect section?  Maybe you’ve got no clue about how to get started?  The first step starts with a chat so we can tell get a handle on your situation and the way forward.  You’ll also find useful information on our blog.


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Gisborne house and land FAQ’s

House and Land Packages (also called Hone and Land) come as a bundled combination of a section and a new house. Most of the time, the house is yet to be built. A lot of the initial work that be costly, has already been done and the house is designed to match and fit on the section.

The other building concept that’s not explained on this House and Land Gisborne page is Design and Build, which you can learn about here.

Build7 Gisborne offer a free section finding service and can help you put a House and Land Package together if you can’t find one in our listings for sale that suits you.


The benefits in buying a House and Land Package are considerable, but they don’t suit everyone. If you are looking for a totally unique design, then you should talk to us about our Design and Build Service.

Advantages of our Home and Land deals include:

  • The section (soil, engineering,and geotechnical) work is already done and you don’t have to worry about expensive work to be done
  • Services and infrastructure like roads, footpaths, guttering, internet and power are already sorted
  • The house fits the section. The aspect and positioning is already maximised for sun and position
  • Based on the floor plan provided, the pricing is already fixed. Unless you make variations, you won’t blow your budget
  • Because all the initial work is done, it can take less time to build
  • If the house is in a development area with others, you have the chance to develop community.


House and Land Packages are typically designed to require minimum changes. However, you can change anything you want – it’s only a design on paper after all. There are some considerations and may be costs involved. First, if the changes include increasing the floor area (footprint) of the home, then we need to check that it still ‘fits’ on the section in relation to Gisborne Council building rules.

While minor changes such as finishing and internal decoration should not affect the price, some changes will. This includes making the house bigger. But don’t stress, any variations are fully discussed and planned and you’re in control throughout the process.

If you want a totally new and personalised design, we can help! Check out our Design and Build page.


If you are looking to build in the Gisborne or East Coast area, you’ve looked at our listings and can’t find what you want, then we can help. We’ll help create a package that gives you what you want and meets your budget. We’ll do work to find a section and ensure it’s section is suitable (if you don’t get this done it can cost thousands just to get it compliant).  Get in touch for a chat to learn more about how it can work for you.

You can trust Build7. We are a network of privately owned builders around the country who care a lot about our clients and our work. Talk to us and you’ll see why,



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