Building a new home is all about the right house design. Most of the homes built today – including here in Gisborne or the East Coast – are designed to feel open and welcoming.

Homes are being built larger now than in previous years, but the main focus is on architectural design and floor plans. These can make a big difference and give the illusion of more space.

As Gisborne builders, Build7 works with our own in-house architects and designers. Our focus is on house design that maximises space within a fixed budget.

High Ceilings

Using high ceilings to draw the eye upward is a great way of making a home look and feel larger than it actually is. Ceilings at nearly double the normal height are common because they improve light and airflow in the room.

Smaller homes can look at raising the ceiling to one and a half times normal height in rooms such as the living room and family room. Smaller rooms appear larger when the vertical height is increased, so even narrow spaces like hallways can look bigger with this technique.

Double Stories

Building a second floor onto your home increases size without using up more of the property space. It’s a cost-effective option as the foundation and roof cost increase is minimal.

If you’re looking for extra living space and still want the amenities such as a large garage and kitchen, then a double story home would be a good investment. Larger single story homes can also offer the same features, but the costs are generally higher and more land space is needed.

Open Plan House Design

A great way to create flow between rooms is having open plan areas in your house. Your home and the rooms look bigger and are connected. Having no walls between the kitchen, dining and living areas can bring the rooms together effectively. You can take this concept further by having rooms that open onto a porch or deck area with ranch sliders. Using sliding glass doors opens up the area even further with the use of light. Make sure that your doors and windows are placed to take advantage of the sun.

Versatile Rooms

Combining a number of uses into one room will give you more space than if you have individual rooms. Some good examples are a crafts and a laundry room combination or a guest bedroom multi-purposed as a home office. If it’s properly laid out, a single room can have a number of functions without feeling cramped.

At Build7 Gisborne, we have our own team of interior designers and architects. They’re experts at making the most of your living spaces to ensure you have a spacious home. Get in touch today so we can set up a time to meet. There’s no obligation, and it’s completely free.

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