Do you want to browse house designs? We’ve got tons. You can check them out here. If you are wanting to build in the Gisborne region, then have a look at some of the plans we’ve got in our plan library right now. Our house designs go from small homes to massive. We even have an Affordable Range for you if you are economically minded.

Affordable doesn’t mean ‘bad’ or corners being cut – it still means good quality. In fact the same stick of timber that we use in our Affordable Range is identical to the timber we use in our more exclusive and customised design and build projects. The price is kept down by clever design to maximise space and great relationships with our suppliers and subcontractors to pass on price savings to you.

I’ve looked at house designs and like one of them. Now what?

The first step is having a chat to us so we can learn more about what your goals are and to give you some options. If you’ve had a look at the house design range and seen a plan or layout you like, then what you  do next will depend on where you are in your house building journey.

house designs gisborne nzIf you’re just starting out and not sure where to start – that’s perfect! Talking to us as early as possible could end up saving you thousands – and hours and hours of time.

For example – lots of people will first (naturally) think about finding land or a section first. It makes sense, but it’s not always the best way to go. Thinking about what you want the house plan to look like and lots of other questions can influence or limit what you  can do on a section.

If you already have a section, that’s OK. We’ll make sure that the house fits the section and sort out what needs to be done like engineering and geo-technical reports (if you don’t have that already). The geological makeup of the East Coast of New Zealand means this is critical to do – before you decide to build.

Maybe you want to use the plan as a base and then modify it to your requirements based on your situation? No problem, we’ll work with you in conjunction with our architect to make it happen. The final result may even end up totally different to what you started with. That’s OK too.

If you’re thinking about building in Gisborne or on the East Coast, then we’d love to hear from you. To learn more about our house designs, please take a look at house plans FAQ’s.

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