Yes we know – there’s no such thing as house plans Gisborne style. In fact house plans and design for a house in Gisborne, will generally be the same across New Zealand. But if you visited this site because you searched for ‘ house plans Gisborne ‘ or something similar, then please read on.

house plans gisborne house designWhen you first decide to build your own home, there are many factors to take in to account. Firstly, the budget and where you want to build. After that, you need to decide on the size of the home you want and the most important features that you need. There will be other must-have factors as well such as time frames.

The designing of your home can be complicated. There are many factors in choosing the type of design that works for you. There are two specific types of plans you can buy, pre-drawn plans off the shelf or specially customised plans from scratch. At Build7, we do both. Our house and land packages feature pre-drawn plans that allow for some variation. Our custom or ‘design and build’ option allows for a unique design. Both options have advantages.

House plans Gisborne: custom

Designing a home from scratch to meet your needs takes time. And there is a lot more to it that buying plans that are already guaranteed to pass the necessary codes. When you decide to have customised plans drawn up, you usually need to hire a registered architect or designer. You will need to meet, discuss and allow the plans to be reworked in some cases to meet practical requirements as well as to match your vision. At Build7, we have our own architects

When you build a bespoke house, you would need your requirements to be built in to the house at the design stage. So, you would need to meet with your designer quite a few times and these types of plans take a lot longer to draw up. Custom house plans also are more expensive overall than off the shelf plans. Sometimes, due to your specific requirements, land topography or other reasons, you would need to draw up custom plans as no pre-drawn plans would work for that specific home.

The advantages of custom drawn plans are that you can get exactly what you want from the get go. Your requirements are built in to the home from the start. The disadvantages are the higher cost and longer time period required to draw the plans up. There’s also the frequent meetings required and possible frustration in getting the exact design you envisage.

House plans Gisborne: house and land

There are various pre-drawn plans available. These have been assembled over time. They have been to meet requirements of a general group of people. Our house and land packages fit into this category. They are drawn up as a standard type of building with minimal customisation available. Instead of exact requirements to your needs, the pre-drawn plans feature standard features, drawn up from the most regularly requested features of a home.

The plans drawn up on a general idea are worked on the most common number of rooms, room size, layouts and basic features and amenities. These plans are however, a lot cheaper than made to order house plans. The house plans that are pre-drawn are made to be re-used and you end up paying for one re-use. This is opposed to a once off set of plans that can take hours of work to draw up for a once off build.

While these plans are lower priced and do allow for minimal changes, they do not allow for any significant change to meet a specific need. The purchase of these plans are cheaper and they can be passed through to building stage a lot faster. However, you need to ensure that they fit your land, space and family needs.

Choosing whether to go with custom or pre-drawn is basically depends on your situation. It’s based on your budget, land design and size as well as your unique requirements. There’s no right or wrong. If you use pre-drawn or custom, ensure that at the end of the day you end up with the dream home you were planning at the beginning of the process.

Go ahead and learn more about us. We are East Coast builders based in Gisborne and can offer house plans and designs. Or we can start with you and a blank sheet of paper.

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