The good news when choosing house plans to build your new home in Gisborne is that it doesn’t have to be a daunting exercise.

Making the best choice for you and our family means maximising for comfort, style and your personal situation. Here are some guidelines and ideas when it comes to designing your new home.  Help from Build 7 Gisborne is at hand. You can use or modify one of our house plans, or we can start with a blank piece of paper. Our designers are ready to work with you.

House Plans: Ideas

1. Give overall thought to the type of design you want.  What features of with the look of your home have you looked at? Does a more open style of home suit you, or do you prefer individual rooms?

house plans gisborne contact2. The size of the family and your living requirements need to be thought through. Your needs in 10 years time also need to be considered if you are a growing family. This will determine the number of bathrooms, bedrooms, storage space etc. Extra rooms in your house plans might include a hobby room or utility rooms (such as a scullery room).

3. The geography of your building site will also be a factor. When you work with Build 7 you have different options when it comes to site selection. We can help you find a local Gisborne section through our networks which allows us to create a house plan with you that suits the aspect and topography of the land. Or, you can secure your section first then work with us to match the section with the perfect house design for you.

4. What’s most important to you? If there are teenagers in the home, their bedroom/s may not suit being placed directly adjacent to the master bedroom. Will there be separate TV or entertainment zone in the house – and how will noise affect other areas of the home? Open plan living does not suit every situation.

5. Think about final decoration and finishing after the basic plan is done. Consider the indoor-outdoor flow and also the flow of traffic between rooms to ensure their are no congestion points in the house plan. When it comes to colours and finishing touches like appliances and window treatments, remember these can be dealt with later.

6. Use or designers. Build7’s architect’s can provide sensible feedback and ideas you may never have considered.

7. Growing families have different requirements. The future growth of the family might include a grandparent and additional spaces may be required for kids whose needs change as they get older.

8. Will your furniture fit? If you’re buying new furniture you can buy new based on the design, but it’s not fun to find a favourite piece of furniture that can’t fit in your new home.

9. You can have a 100% bespoke plan. It’s part of the service so there’s no need to get stuck on a design that doesn’t quite work. At the same time we have home and land packages that are already tailored for sections that we have acquired. Maybe one of these could suit you?

Build 7 Gisborne covers all of the East Coast region of New Zealand. If you’re not currently living in the area, we can act as your eyes and ears and give you real-time and expert advice. It’s not just about the house plans, it also includes ideas about new property developments, property prices, community information and much more.