When you build your new Gisborne home, it’s important to make use of natural light where possible. This will create a light and airy feel to the rooms in your home.’


Choose big windows and less solid walls as far as possible. Double glazed windows allow in sunlight without any excess heat or cold from outside. Sliding glass panels on one whole side of the building will allow for maximum natural light exposure too. They’re also great for inside to outside flow when opened making spaces appear much larger.

Colours in your new Gisborne home

Light coloured walls and ceilings paired with neutral or pale flooring is another tip. Your new Gisborne home will appear much more open and well lit. To keep heat flowing throughout the rooms, you could consider installing a gas fireplace in a central area.

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For people that don’t enjoy the feel of very pale or white interiors, you can instead have a feature wall or accessories in bright colours. You can add in some earthy and neutral coloured furnishings so that the décor doesn’t make the room dark and closed in.


Other ways of increasing light and brightness in your home is by using skylights. Make sure these skylights are double glazed as well to let you keep the warmth in while you allow in light.

Have skylights that can be opened up so function as a window alternative, to allow in fresh air without affecting security. If you need to darken the room or want to have less light coming in, you can have blinds or screens added across the skylights.

Mirrors are a great way to lighten up a room and also make a room look larger if used correctly. In a smaller room with less lighting possibilities, a mirror can go a long way to making the room look more spacious.


In New Zealand, more and more people are looking at conservatories. Decks and patios are often not comfortable due to bad weather or cold. Conservatories solve the problem by allowing in light and creating a great indoor outdoor flow. They make rooms look larger too when opened. Some conservatories can also allow for windows and doors to be opened when the weather is good to take advantage of the sun.

At Build7, we’re builders in Gisborne that know how to maximise your new home for space and light. We offer a free design service with our in-house designers and architects. Get in touch today, we’d love to hear your ideas.

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